privacy and conditions model

Information regarding art. 13, Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196 “Protection of personal data”. Dear Sir/Madam this is to inform you that Legislative Decree n. 196 of 30 June 2003 provides protection to individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. According to article 13 of the above mentioned law, therefore, we provide the following informations:

  1. The customer is aware that his personal data are stored on a remote database, and the system places them at the time of the first input of the customer only for the exclusive function of creating a reservation of an apartment;
  2. Data are stored in a database which expires SEASONALLY: after each summer they are permanently deleted and therefore lost;
  3. Personal details of customers are stored in the database and they are registered in the system;
  4. Personal data are not shared with third parties. Only the website administrator is aware of the data and can have access to the database;
  5. 5 Personal data are stored to manage the client, trip reservation and arrival conditions and for dealing with any communications related to the holiday at Isola del Giglio;
  6. 6 Apartments are managed by their own owners and the site does not practice any sort of intermediation;
  7. 7 Not all apartments shown on the site have adopted the automatic Booking function, but all apartments show the contact information of their owner. This function does NOT store the data entered, so the function of sending emails through the site does not take TRACE of your personal data.

Bookings Management policy

With this clause, on the policy, the client assumes that there is a binding contract in the booking stage. The customer is bound only after the confirmation by bank the deposit. For speeding up of procedures, the customer can perform the reservation without having to pay online.
The reservation made via the internet is NOT binding until the time of the request, by an advertiser of, the deposit. At that moment, the customer knows that, if not send the deposit after three working days of such request of 'poster, the same can cancel the reservation. Conversely, if the client sends the deposit within these terms is entitled to use the service.
The customer knows that to use the service must follow two simple rules, the arrival and departure times. Times are described directly in the spaces of the advertisers.